Felix Faulkner Jewellery....

At Felix Faulkner our award winning jewellery is elegant and highly individual. All our jewellery is handmade and is widely exhibited throughout Ireland and Britain.

Top Quality Jewellery by Felix Faulkner...

All Felix Faulkners designer jewellery is handmade and boasts high attention to detail. The care taken when building each piece of jewellery shows and we will be happy for you to discuss your exact requirements with us. We offer the following:

  • Silver Jewellery
  • Gold Jewellery
  • Bronze Jewellery

Our Passion For Handmade Jewellery...

Felix Faulkner have a keen eye for delicate handmade jewellery that stands out from the rest as being unique and individual. All our jewellery is inspired from our naturally beautiful surroundings and ensures we build original but individual jewellery.

Based In County Waterford, Ireland...

We operate from our workshop in Waterford, Ireland and will be happy for you to come and see us or simply discuss what we can do for you over the phone.

Call us on: 024 - 97370

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