Designer Silver Jewellery....

At Felix Faulkner our designer silver jewellery is widely regarded as the finest Jewellery in Ireland.

We have built up this reputation by producing designer silver jewellery that is not only beautiful but also high quality meaning that our designer jewellery will stand the test of time.

Why our jewellery is classed as designer Jewellery...

We class our pieces of work as designer jewellery because they are not off the shelf, mass produced pieces. Every piece of jewellery produced by us is handcrafted making it unique and because of this boasts designer qualities.

We take pride in our designer jewellery range and will be happy to show you our finest pieces and discuss with you your exact requirements.

The Finest Jewellery In Clonmel, Ireland...

We operate from our workshop in Waterford, a few miles outside of Clonmel and will be happy for you to discuss what we can do for you over the phone.

Designer Jewellery Quote: 024 - 97370

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