Artisan Jewellery Specialists....

Our Artisan Jewellery is all handmade at our workshop in County Waterford, Ireland. We produce many different styles of jewellery bringing together design ideas from all over the world.

Artisan Jewellery Specialists...

Our experience in creating artisan jewellery stems from our wealth of experience and our knowledge of the various jewellery styles around the world. When you place your order for artisan jewellery with Felix Faulkner we give you unique design that is created to your exact design specification.

Our Artisan Jewellery includes:

  • Artisan bracelets
  • Artisan earrings
  • Artisan necklaces
  • Artisan broaches
  • Artisan bangles
  • Artisan ancle chains
  • Artisan rings

Artisan jewellery quote: 024 - 97370

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